Who is this Hipster Hausfrau?



My name is Leda. I’m a writer/teacher/editor/stay-at-home-mom. I used to live in Brooklyn, and now I live in a Boston suburb immediately adjacent to the one in which I grew up.  If you had told me ten years ago that this would be my life, I would have laughed, or cried, or passed out (but that might have been because I was drunk).

Adorable Apron

My orange and white polka-dotted apron. Hipster and Hausfrau. Confession: I haven't actually worn it yet.

But having kids changes you, makes you reevaluate your priorities. I still have to make throw-uppy sounds even as I write that, but it’s true. Yes, I loved having six bookstores within three-tenths of a mile of my apartment. Yes, I loved the four Fair Trade coffee shops within two blocks of my house that I felt duty bound to support by buying one cup of coffee and sitting there for six hours writing (aka screwing around on the internet). Yes, I loved the restaurants and the wine bars and the art. I loved the everybody in everyone’s business anonymity of New York.

But then I had Das Baby. The only thing that changes you more than having a kid is having your water break when you’re twenty-one weeks pregnant, then spending forty-five days in the hospital, then giving birth to a two-pound five-ounce baby who almost dies the night he is born, and who goes on to spend 114 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before finally coming home. A baby who at eight-months old still needs oxygen support. A baby who is (and this is not just my opinion; his father and grandparents and one respiratory therapist agree) the cutest and toughest and sweetest baby ever.

So now I care about things like having family nearby, good schools, a back yard, and a 336 square foot master bedroom with a walk-in closet.  (Herr Husband and I once lived in a Manhattan apartment that was only 60-square feet bigger).

I’m striving to bring a little hipness to my hausfrau life, and a little heart to my hipness. It’s a work in progress. You can help by reading this blog. Don’t ask how it helps. Just do it.


15 Comments on “Who is this Hipster Hausfrau?”

  1. nina says:

    You are my beautiful and brilliant neice who thankfully still has high ceilings above your head but your feet are planted solidly on the ground. Life has a way of calling us out of the clouds sometimes. Leda…I think you have met your match and his name is Theo

  2. He is the cutest baby ever!

  3. Deb Sundin says:

    Nice job on the review. I really enjoyed it and have just started the book. If you are interested in writing more reviews, we would love to include them in our newsletters and on our website. Thanks for your support!

  4. Whoa, those are some intense trials and tribulations. You should have followed me to college and taught all of my classes, it would have been easier 😉

    Patrick Manian

    • Leda says:

      Aw, shucks, Pat!
      Thanks for reading! One of my favorite things about the blog so far is that it’s drawn some former students back into my life (including 2 SPAT founders…)
      SPAT has graduated from college, which makes me feel a) ancient, and b) gleeful for the universe that such a cadre of talent is being unleashed.
      Just checked out YOUR blog, and it looks like a sailing adventure with dear Ted is on the horizon (no pun, I swear). Do tell all about it and other adventures!

      • Hahaha, I have come to appreciate over the years (which have contained no shortage of flashbacks to the AP english class we shared) just how young you were… and no longer are i’m sure ;P.

        I really hope that SPAT can live up to to your strangely optimistic hopes for the most vile gang to ever walk the halls of HHS. Ted and I will do our best. I intend for this trip to be the fullest expression of what we currently have to offer.

        I must say this blogging stuff is tough on top of having a full-time job. But once that is done (in 3 weeks!) I hope to get our blog into tip top shape. Our first priority is getting the boat in tip top shape. It’s coming together quite well, I’m optimistic.

        It is wonderful to correspond with you. Hopefully in person one day.


  5. Susan Marine says:

    Hi Leda, just started reading your blog and love it! I am astonished at the revelation that DB was in the NICU for 114 days. I somehow missed that, though I knew he was a preemie. I can only imagine how difficult that was– but it looks like all is well now, which is great! I start a new job next week, but when I get settled in I’d love to come visit you in that ‘Boston suburb’ and meet him. And really, I think being hip is a state of mind, and you’re haflway there if you think you are 😉

  6. Lindsay Berube says:

    Leda– how inspiring. I can’t wait to meet my little cousin. 🙂

  7. mmmarzipan says:

    I love your intro! And although my story differs to yours, I see some distinct similarities. Mind if I follow you? All the best to you and yours 🙂

  8. Notoya says:


  9. Kitty says:

    I’m not totally sure how I stumbled upon this blog (oh the things google will show you), but so far I’m glad I did! (I dream of being a hipster mom some day – hopefully not for a few years though since I’m still a teen)

  10. Another NYC refugee living outside Boston. Almost empty nested now. Keep up the good work!

  11. unquiettime says:

    Stumbled upon your blog today while trying to find something about the music classes for O2 kids at Children’s (couldn’t find it). My daughter came home from the Brigham NICU last month after being born at 29 weeks after I’d been admitted at 24 weeks… etc etc… it brought tears to my eyes to remember that there are people who know what we’re going through. Thank you!

    • Leda says:

      Congrats on bringing your baby home!! It’s such a hard time, but such a magical time, too. My guy will be five in October! If you’d like to reach me privately, please let me know! You can email me at hipsterhausfrau@gmail.com. And music class probably starts in September. Ask Larry Rhein or someone in his office for more info. The classes are so great!

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