Brief Friday Notes

He's been talking about the symphony for weeks.

He’s been talking about the symphony for weeks.

The big news is that Das Big Boy is better. No intestinal incidents today, and although he did wake up miserable, he seemed to feel much better after eating. So we’re a go for our big mother/son date tomorrow: the Family Concert at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Das Big Boy loves classical music, so it should be quite fun. And it’s a deal: kids are free, and my ticket was $20. We tend to spend all of our family time as a foursome, which is great, but we think it’s a good idea to give each kid some one-on-one attention. So Little Liebchen will have some father-daughter time, activity TBD.

Here is how we spent our day at home: painting, reading, napping, and watching Thomas. We’re all obsessed with the way Gordon says, “Oh, the indignity,” and we say it 100 times a day.

Finger/sponge/cotton/brush painting. Muffin tin idea courtesy of Mama Woods! Everyone is still largely interested in painting characters from Thomas.

Finger/sponge/cotton/brush painting. Muffin tin idea courtesy of Mama Woods! Everyone is still largely interested in painting characters from Thomas.

If we’re not Facebook friends (highly unlikely, given my readership), you missed this unmissable gem:

Little Liebchen: What’s on your neck?
Hipster Hausfrau: I don’t know, what’s on my neck?
LL: Your boobs.
HH: Not anymore, honey.
LL: They on your tummy?
HH: Unfortunately, yes. That is closer to the truth.

What was extra adorable and hilarious was the earnestness in her voice when she asked, “They on your tummy?” She just wanted to get it right, you guys.

That’s all I have to give tonight. Herr Husband is back after three nights away, and we’re binge watching Downton and eating Abbott’s Frozen Custard peanut butter cup pie. A dear friend asked what I would do better when I wasn’t blogging every day: one thing I’ll be better at is spending time with Herr Husband!


Poop Day

Today we endured a different torrent here in the Husband Hausfrau household. Das Big Boy has been struck by a (mercifully mild) intestinal bug. Just a couple of incidents this morning and some discomfort tonight, but all in all I have my fingers crossed that this is a short-lived episode.

Of course, it couldn’t happen on one of our myriad snow days. I love keeping him home for cancelled school and holidays, but I hate feeling like he’s missing out on school (I know. It’s preschool. I need to get over it.). But tomorrow he’ll missing Dancing with Jimmy, a special class (which surely has another name, but this is what DBB calls it) with a guest musician/child hootenanny producer, which DBB loves. A small bummer, but a bummer still. No pun intended.

Fingers crossed he’s better for our big date on Saturday!!

But I say, when life hands you diarrhea, make water play!

(Easier when only one of your kids is sick, and he’s 100% potty trained. Remember last year?)



Not what any of you requested for my last week of posts, but to be fair, I didn’t ask for it either.

One Week

Yup. There’s just one week left in this insaneoplatz (that’s a trademarked Husband Hausfrau family words for something completely crazy–please feel free to use it. We really like inventing words in this family) experiment of daily blogging. So I’ve been at it 107 days, with 7 to go. And much like the NICU, it’s been unending, but it’s hard to believe it’s over. Like in the NICU, much has changed during this time, even when it felt like a slog. Three of the four of us had birthdays. One of us learned to talk in paragraphs and poop in the potty. One of us learned to walk on a tall balance beam, and read his first new book aloud (with almost no help) to his elated mama. One of us is killing it at work. And one of us blogged. A lot.
There’s been a lot of fun, a lot of hassle, a bit of struggle, and a lot of joy. And so much love. Between us. From you. With our friends. With our families (shout out to the beloved Gigi and Papa, moral support/babysitters extraordinaire, who make so many things possible.) We’ve heard magical news, and tales of woe. We’ve seen many of our favorite people (like a wonderful visit from Auntie Nini tonight–such fun seeing the kids light up around her!), and missed others whom we hope to see soon.

So, you have my consistent presence for one more week. Anything you want me to write about? Now’s your chance.
Let me know.
And I promise to keep blogging once the 114 days are over. But not daily. No one wants that.

I’m all ears: requests welcome.


Recently the Husband Hausfrau children became obsessed with the selfie, or at least the version of the picture in which they could see it being taken.

This fixation yielded near constant cries of, “Take my picture, Mommy!” And the following results:

Yes, that is Das Big Boy with a bra on his face. He says it’s a mask. More specifically, he says it’s a mask a friend wore to a party celebrating one of Brian Staveley’s novels, in which said friend was dressed as the Blank God. (PS read Brian’s novels immediately if you haven’t! They are awesome and will cure your GRRM itch, which GRRM himself just ain’t scratchin’).

Cuteness and he knew it.

My shopping helper. She insisted on carrying the bag. And I don’t usually shop at Janie and Jack, but Das Big Boy needed an outfit for our date on Saturday (more on that soon), and everything was on sale.

Here, I was trying to quickly snap a pic of them walking on the path through the snow, but the lens was reversed from their earlier pics, so I got a scary picture of myself. Sheer terror somewhat mitigated by the adorable sunglasses Herr Husband got me for my birthday.

The photo I was going for.

Definitely Doing it Wrong

She demanded to have her picture taken after she realized how funny she thought she was for dropping books on the floor and then saying, "shoot!"

She demanded to have her picture taken after she realized how funny she thought she was for dropping books on the floor and then saying, “shoot!”

Hipster Hausfrau: After nap, you can have a lollipop or a cupcake. But what do you need to do to get a treat?

Little Liebchen: Take my clothes off.

[She thinks this because I make her remove any nice clothes before eating something messy like a cupcake, but still. Clearly having a problem with the messaging. The correct answer was actually “sleep.” And don’t judge me for treat bribing.]

Also, in case you are wondering, Das Big Boy has informed me that he is actually a rhinoceros who drives a snowplow, so if you thought he was a four-year-old boy, guess again.

All of the neighboring towns have a snowday tomorrow, but as of now we have a two hour delay which means business as usual for the afternoon preschool set. I’m NOT excited. I love a snow day. The pajamas, the junk food, the coziness, the activities. And Herr Husband has to leave for NYC for three days at like 5 am, so any shoveling after that is all on me. (#failedfeminist.) Yes, I miss my husband for himself, too. But the chores side effect is also less than awesome.


It’s my birthday and the Super Bowl and I am happy and tired. Grateful for all the love in my life and for the many of my wishes that have been granted. Thank you all for reading and for your support and friendship.

And yay, Pats!





Of fun. With a few friends this evening. Hence this weak post. But thanks for being my people, people.