Love Wins. And freaks out.

Obviously, it’s a day about a huge victory for love and for LGBTQ rights. I sobbed with joy and tried to explain it to my kids, to whom it has not yet occurred that they can’t want to marry whomever the heck they want. (Current contenders for their spouses are me, Grover, and each other. Apparently they think there is more work to be done). But I am truly gleeful at the ruling, and the positive response to it. Yay, love.

But also, I’m leaving my kids for the first time that either of them can remember to spend three nights in LA with Mo!

Here’s my text to Rocky on the matter:

1 lorazepam
1 large glass of Tempranillo
1 20 minute chair massage.
Trying not to freak out about missing the people whom I almost wanted to kill this morning.

Motherhood is fucking weird.