Happy Due Date, Little Liebchen!


That’s 7 pounds 11 ounces of happy baby! She’s still kind of a sleepyhead, except for when she wants to eat, which is all the time. Like her brother, she’s a master of schlafessen, such that after she’s hooted her way onto the boob, she likes to pass out and keep eating. A million facial expressions pass over her face as she sleeps. When she’s awake, she often appears surprised, or perturbed, and occasionally amused.

Das Big Boy is adjusting quite well at this point, but perhaps that’s because with all the sleeping she does and with two parents around, he’s getting as much attention as ever. Sadly, he has a terrible cold, featuring a 102.6 degree fever, faucet nose, a goopy sounding cough that inspires occasional barfing, and a total loss of appetite. Sigh.  But he’s being a cheerful trooper about the whole thing.

Here he is enjoying the cat door to the basement by flinging letters of the alphabet through it:


Das Big Boy’s illness aside, life is good.



Image vs Reality

Guess WHO "held" his sister for the first time? (Yes, they're both in owl gear).

Guess WHO “held” his sister for the first time? (Yes, they’re both in owl gear).

Here we pretend he's happy about her, but really he's being amused by his father.

Here we pretend he’s happy about her, but really he’s being amused by his father.

Well, at least you can tell they're related.

Well, at least you can tell they’re related.

For Interested Parties

1-17 DBB firetruck

Das Big Boy rides the firetruck on our first postbedrest/postbaby playdate to the playground. So nice to be out and about with my boy.

Little Liebchen at about six days old.

Little Liebchen at about six days old.

Little Liebchen rests during tummy time.

Little Liebchen rests during tummy time.

I realize that this could look like blood or poop, but it's a chocolate handprint, left by Das Big Boy after he stole and gnawed on my Cadbury Cream Egg (yes, they're already out...)

I realize that this could look like blood or poop, but it’s a chocolate handprint, left by Das Big Boy after he stole and gnawed on my Cadbury Cream Egg (yes, they’re already out…)

Home, Sweet Home, Take Two.

1-10 trikeLittle Liebchen (gracias a Lauda for this new name, which I am liking!), back to her pale little self, was discharged this morning at 11:00 and we returned home triumphantly! Actually, we returned home in a car with a crying newborn and a crying toddler, but it was a delicious taste of normal life with two kiddos.

1-10 llThanks to Nanny Sunshine’s help, we got to have a low-key day around the Husband Hausfrau Haus. Highlights included a tricycle ride for Das Big Boy with Herr Husband manning the trike bar and me wearing Little Liebchen (LL). It was a day of near constant nursing, and a much needed nap for me. Thanks, Herr Husband!

Life is good. Sleepy and hectic, but good.

Life’s a Beach

Well, I got my take home baby! Huzzah! But my sense of victory was short-lived. After a blissful night at home (during which Wee Madchen decided that 10pm to 3 am was happy hour at the dairy bar known as my breasts), we have had to return to the hospital because someone decided she looked good in yellow. I’m all for avoiding overly gendered pink stuff, but wishing Wee Madchen had found a different way to express herself.

That’s right. She has jaundice. Not a scary case, but enough that she needs a dose of phototherapy, likely for 24-48 hours. So we are, as we call it, at the beach. Also known as under the blue lights at Newton Wellesley hospital, which is thankfully closer to home than Beth Israel, where I delivered.


As her loving mom (& food source) I’m here with her. They limit her nursing time to 20 minutes per session to maximize her under the lights time. Don’t worry, I’ve already told them that formula and even expressed breastmilk bottles are off the table should the nursing restrictions cause a problem. The med student to whom I said this was surprised, but I told her I’d dropper or syringe feed her if need be. No offense to the lovely med students in my life, but I did a NICU rotation with 114 consecutive 16 hour days. I know more about this shit than you do. And I will not disrupt my nursing relationship with my daughter over a treatable case of jaundice. So there! OK, down off my soapbox. I’m just REALLY tired of the medical establishment pretending to be all “breast is best” and then pushing formula at every turn–more on this later, as it was an issue after my delivery, too. Particularly surprising after they were way more supportive of natural childbirth than I’d expected.

So life is a bit bumpy. I had so looked forward to settling in as our family of four, and struggling with the mere mayhem of a new baby and a toddler. Das Big Boy is no great fan of his sister, by the way. When he woke up and she was still here, he was mad. And now he’ll be doubly confused when she is gone, then reappears. I think he keeps hoping I’ll put her back inside. But he is getting accustomed to her and will at least talk about her now.


She is a ball of teeny baby delight. Snuggly and feisty and a good little eater! And she totally rolled her eyes at the doctors today. It’s hard being here because I can’t hold her, but once we’re home it’s going to be a voracious mix of skin-to-skin, nursing, and baby-wearing.


Apologies for the format of the post and any typos. It’s coming from my phone.

Welcome to the world, little one!

1-6 Mom and BabyShe’s here! At 2:45 this afternoon, Wee Mädchen arrived. 5lbs, 13.5 oz. 18 inches.

They handed her straight to me (no NICU folks required). Magic!!!

And yes, we did it drug-free!

She’s adorable and gorgeous and feisty already.

DSC_0411Thanks for all the love; we four are sending it right back to you.



Or, more precisely, gush.

Yup, my water just broke. On our way to the hospital as soon as La Gigi and El Papa arrive to tend to Das Big Boy.

Thanks for all of your love and support.

Let’s go have a baby!!!